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Welcome to the official website of Dr. FrankenOtter Computer Repair and Consulting! Here you will find the latest information about pricing, updates, and upcoming events.

Services/Prices Overview

See Below for a list of our most frequently requested services. All services can be performed onsite, and many services can be performed remotely with Teamviewer 12 (Click button below for Install link).

Note: All customers that purchase a diagnostic service will have the cost of the diagnostic refunded to other services if required, less parts.


Some examples:

  • Diagnostic finds need of a virus removal: $150-$100=$50 for the removal. 
  • Diagnostic finds failing hard drive: $100(restore)+$25(HDD install)=$25 for combined service plus cost of HDD.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

PC Assembly/Setup 

This is the default charge for either assembling a custom built PC or setting up a pre-built Desktop/Laptop.


  • Desktop Assembly + Setup: $200
  • Laptop/Off The Shelf Desktop Setup: $100


Charge for diagnosing a computer. This can be done onsite, or via remote services when capable.


  • Onsite: $100
  • Remote: $50

Virus Removal

Whether we find it or you do, this service cleans any infections out of your machine. Includes system speed optimization.


  • Onsite: $150
  • Remote: $125

Operating System Install/Restore

Installing an operating system to a new drive or reinstalling it to an existing drive, this service provides a fresh install for your operating system. We recommend a data backup prior to this service.


  • Onsite: $100

Hourly Rate

General hourly labor charge. This is usually applied when services being rendered do not fit a conventional predefined category of services rendered.


  • Onsite: $50
  • Remote: $40

Data Backup

Perform initial data backup onto provided backup media and set up automatic backups for increased security. Note: Media will not be provided, it either needs to be provided when service rendered or purchased at time of service.


  • Onsite: $50.00
  • Remote (automatic backup configuration only): $20.00